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33-Change in financial year end.pdf 2020-09-08 NSX Announcement View
29-Completion of Transaction to acquire Arris Consulting Sdn Bhd.pdf 2020-06-25 NSX Annoucement View
30-Updates to NSX Corporate Directory.pdf 2020-06-25 NSX Annoucement View
31-Changes to Chairman and CEO.pdf 2020-06-25 NSX Annoucement View
32-Reinstatement to Official Quotation.PDF 2020-06-25 NSX Annoucement View
26-Application for Quotation of Additional Securities (Consolidation).pdf 2020-06-16 NSX Annoucement View
27-Distribution Schedule.pdf 2020-06-16 NSX Annoucement View
28-Top 20.pdf 2020-06-16 NSX Annoucement View
24-Directors Resignation.PDF 2020-05-14 NSX Annoucement View
25-New Directors Appointment.PDF 2020-05-14 NSX Annoucement View
1-2020 EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING.PDF 2020-04-06 NSX Annoucement View
18-EGM Proxy Form.PDF 2020-04-06 NSX Annoucement View
20-Financial Statement (31 Dec 2019).PDF 2020-03-13 NSX Annoucement View

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