Disruptive Accounting Technology

Arris believes the future of professional services is largely reliant on embracing disruptive technologies. Human connection will matter more than ever. Clients of professional services businesses expect to conduct business anywhere, anytime and to access information instantly across multiple devices.

Arris Group of Companies will continue to expand the utilization of Information Technology (IT) by focusing on enterprise software. To improve the way and the quality of services provided to Clients, Arris will increasingly use Accounting Technology (AccountsTech) powered by artificial intelligence and big data. Arris will be able to find ways to devote the time we have freed up with AccountsTech, to serving Clients better.

Technology and artificial intelligence will both be a substitute and complement for certain professional services. Highly complex tasks and processes will be simplified through technology; analyzing and research processes will be impacted; the use of all types of knowledge platforms, crowdsourcing models and knowledge sharing models will be common practice.

Technology will replace much of the hard work of substantiation, analysis and comparison of information which is mainly done at the low end. Furthermore, low end services can be replaced by self-service platforms or will become commoditized services, especially when technology enables direct tapping into the flows of client data as needed for instance for accounting and audits.

AccountsTech will also focus on accounting, auditing and taxation lifecycle management including workflow management and collaboration solutions. This will allow the Arris Team to work better on their individual matters and share best practices in a more collaborative environment.

The third focus area is knowledge management. Arris hopes to take the collective knowledge within an accounting firm and determine the optimal way to capture and institutionalize it across the entire firm. We think that is a very interesting technological play because it takes advantage of our largest and most important asset, which is our Team.

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