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Arris Group of Companies /ACT Partners prides itself on providing a challenging and rewarding career environment for our team. In order to continue the rapid growth and the high degree of responsibility the group attaches, we need to attract exceptional people.

If you are one of those exceptional people, here are the reasons we believe will make you love working in our group of companies. Our Management is approachable, supportive and willing to provide guidance to the team members. Our team enjoy the international exposure via our TIAG network, Arris’ overseas office, international affiliations and worldwide consulting network. We provide good employment remuneration and benefits (including incentive/bonus at least twice a year), excellent opportunity for career advancement, promotion and balanced working hours. Hence, it is not just the rich work exposure and atmosphere that makes our team members enjoy their jobs, it is the tangible elements that they receive too. Please submit your application using the below form or email your resume to hr@arris-group.com for our recruiting team to review.


ACT Partners/Arris Group is an exciting place to start your career. We take pride on training hundreds for undergraduate in the last few years. Both large multinational corporations and local companies have looked to our trainees to help them tackle their business needs. Our team perform and deliver their very best. To ensure this, new employees and trainees will receive extensive training and mentoring from our Partners and Principals. Training at ACT Partners/Arris Group involves exposure to a wide range of industries, and opportunities to provide our full range of services. Everyone is encouraged to bring initiative and outside-the-box thinking to each engagement to brainstorm the insights and solutions that offer the greatest benefit for our clients. We offer the best and brightest from our undergraduate training programs full employment upon completion of the training - providing opportunities to work with our exceptional team. You’ll have an opportunity to make your mark right here.

Please submit your application via the below form or email your resume to hr@arris-group.com or training@arris-group.com

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