Arris Group possess the requisite qualifications and licensing requirements to perform professional services. Arris Group provide independent statement audits to a wide range of industries, in line with the latest professional standards.

Together with our ability to tap into the resources of TIAG, a global organisation of independent accounting and law firms, we are able to serve companies seeking to expand their regional or international presence, while maintaining flexibility and cost-efficiency. As part of TIAG, ACT Partners assists Clients to deal with multiple foreign jurisdictions, provide advice and guidance on local laws and regulations, tax issues, cultural implications and the establishment of appropriate entities locally and abroad.

Each key business segments utilize specialized software for traditional professional services such as accounting, audit, taxation and company secretarial. The specialized software automates work flows effectively to ensure accuracy, completeness and timeliness. This will free our Team to concentrate on higher-level assignments that require a human touch.

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