Arris Group has performed Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in finance and accounting functions, payroll and human resources and fund management for our SME Clients and professional services firms, globally. Clients tend to outsource their compliance services, driven by increasing technical complexity and costly staff benefit packages. By outsourcing selected operations to Arris, Clients are effectively hiring a team of experts. Clients benefit from cost savings, improved services and freed-up owners’ time to focus on stronger top line growth.

Arris Group will benefit from further globalization and a continuous trend of outsourcing professional services to emerging markets in the fields of compliance. The Arris pricing structure for outsourced professional services is advantageous to the international professional firms and remain profitable for Arris. The Arris business model with international professional firms facilitates the sharing of information and ideas as well as the centralisation of management and back office functions to drive operating efficiency.

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